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The Maine Mag | Leftover bread goes well with Romesco, a Catalan sauce that pairs splendidly with anything from the grill—meat, seafood, or potatoes.

COOK-June 2010 By Annemarie Ahearn Styling + Photography by Stacey Cramp

Bread is simply flour, water, sodium, and persistence. The bakers add the labors of love at Tim Semler and Lydia Moffet’s bakery in Brooksville.

We get to Brooksville, greeted by a chorus of woodcock and peepers in an night that is otherwise still. We drive the deserted seaside road to Tinder Hearth, a village bakery with very little of a village, house to seven bakers who will be additionally a band of musicians. On Sundays in the summertime, they host an open mic inside their barn—and the baking and performing seep late to the evening. The bakery sits in a classic, sprawling farmhouse with a warm range at its center. Your house smells of increasing dough and toasted wood.

Tim Semler and Lydia Moffet began with an outside, homemade, wood-burning cob oven, set far from their residence. From the wettest and coldest of times, they might run bread that is hot the industry and to the household to be bagged and offered close to Blue Hill. Then Tim built a more impressive range, nearer to your house, however the problem that is same. They now affectionately call Svetlana so they asked the town for a loan to build a true bakery with a mother oven, indoors, which.

Svetlana is a conventional design that is italian made out of red bricks, a deck for 30 loaves, and storage space for split lumber underneath. In the heart of the area is a top wood table, where in fact the dough is cut and then shaped. Near the dining table is a stationary bike that grinds the wheatberries.

We ask Tim in the event that bakery offers its employees, he says, “It’s a terrible solution to earn money. A way that is wonderful earn a living.” We mention the way the despair appears to have hardly ever really ended right here, just how individuals escaped a lot of the commercialism, and, because of this, never destroyed the capability to look after on their own with almost no.

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