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They are the 13 Most Explicit Sexual Innuendos in Music History

Whenever Miley sang her solution to the Billboard Top 100 atop a wrecking ball the 2009 autumn, it absolutely was kind of an uncomfortable moment. It appeared like the wrecking ball ended up being merely a metaphor when it comes to expenses of psychological vulnerability. Yet pop fans everywhere could not assist but think it had been one thing much raunchier.

Which is because for a long time, pop music fans have now been inundated by a few of the craziest intimate metaphors and euphemisms ever produced.

1. Peter Gabriels “Sledgehammer”

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This ’80s smash brings machismo to a complete new degree. This track really has its own euphemisms that are sexual but Gabriel’s “sledgehammer” beat away his “bumper vehicle” when it comes to name slot.

The entire thing is pretty visual. Evidently, his sledgehammer will “open your fresh good fresh fruit cage where in actuality the good fresh good fresh fruit can be as sweet as are.” One might additionally make reference to Peter Gabriel’s sledgehammer as their “big dipper.”

And many did: The song charted at number 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in america, won accurate documentation of nine MTV honors in the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards, and, at the time of 2011, ended up being probably the most music that is played into the reputation for MTV.

2. 50 Cents “Candy Shop”

You should probably call the police if you ever see 50 Cent in a candy shop. By the time he sings that the highlight of his candy store is “Dripping damp with sweat guy it really is on and poppin / I’ll enable you to lick during my lollipop,” it’s clear that no kid should ever purchase candy from Fiddy.

3. Prince’s “Minimal Red Corvette”

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Whenever Prince sings about his “Little Red Corvette,” he is absolutely dealing with a joyride, just of a various type.

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