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Our mission is offer the most readily useful mugs that are large those that enjoy larger-sized beverages.

a big cup includes a capability of 350-500ml and is most beneficial for Tea & Coffee drinkers who choose more substantial quantities. Any cup over 500ml is just a Giant Mug, perfect for people who like double servings or bigger.

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Whom Makes mugs that are large?

A couple of UK-based cup manufacturers make some great big, Giant and even Huge novelty mugs.

Nearly all big Mugs are ceramic. Alternatives consist of Earthenware, Fine Bone Asia, Porcelain and Stoneware. There was a range that is wide of, tints, designs and themes. You may be certain to discover the perfect match for your house and home.


Bodum’s famous across Europe with their coffee that is iconic press. They even make top-quality mugs. Bodum Mugs are produced from a number of materials, including porcelain and borosilicate cup (that will be breathable by way of a sensible design spawned by the Bodum engineers).

Bodum’s range is vast, with mugs and cups which range from 100-400ml, covering hardcore espresso drinkers together with big tea and coffee enthusiasts.

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